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Our Swimmers

Who make it worth-while


I love swimming and joined Penguins in 2014 as a way to improve my swimming and help keep me healthy.  Swimming is great for me as I have difficulty with my joints because I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, being in the pool helps me to keep fit and active without putting too much pressure on my body. 

I swim in the Penguin elite training lanes and also train with Nova Centurion Para-Development squad.

I have an S14 disability classification because I am autistic with learning difficulties, it took a long time to gain this classification and I am proud to hold it.

Without Penguins I would never have swam competitively and ever since I did my first competition at Braunstone, I have wanted to do more and more, winning lots of medals along the way. 

A highlight for me was swimming at the Para National Championships in Manchester and getting to meet Ellie Simmonds who swam next to me while I trained at Nova.

One of our swimmers with some medals
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