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Our Swimmers

Who make it worth-while


Isla swims in the competitive lanes, and she also swims with Nottingham's County Team, Nova.  She competes at a National level and is a classified swimmer.  She has a condition called CMT which is a form of Muscular Dystrophy so this helps keep her legs strong.



I love swimming and joined Penguins in 2014 as a way to improve my swimming and help keep me healthy.  Swimming is great for me as I have difficulty with my joints because I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, being in the pool helps me to keep fit and active without putting too much pressure on my body. 

I swim in the Penguin elite training lanes and also train with Nova Centurion Para-Development squad.

I have an S14 disability classification because I am autistic with learning difficulties, it took a long time to gain this classification and I am proud to hold it.

Without Penguins I would never have swam competitively and ever since I did my first competition at Braunstone, I have wanted to do more and more, winning lots of medals along the way. 

A highlight for me was swimming at the Para National Championships in Manchester and getting to meet Ellie Simmonds who swam next to me while I trained at Nova.

One of our swimmers with some medals


Alannah has Cerabal Palsy effecting all four limbs and head control.  The freedom swimming gives her is fantastic, it is the highlight of her week.  Alannah almost bursts with excitement when she enters the pool 💚.  Alannah was nominated for the best newcomer award at Bingham Penguins Christmas awards 2019.



Avy has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hearing loss, and additional complex needs. He enjoys swimming and aquatic therapy has helped him with his mobility. He passed his 25m swim award in 2019. He was nominated for the best newcomer award at Bingham Penguins Christmas awards 2019.

Bingham Penguins Summer Gala 2019
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